Watch Grass Grow!
When our prototype line in Congress, AZ, was dismantled for its move to Phoenix, we had to discard the growth in progress. As we emptied trays of barley for the benefit of local free range cattle, we took pictures that illustrate the day by day progress that happens on the line. Grow lights stymie photography on the line, so this was a rare opportunity to capture this in daylight.
Keeping You Informed
We've compiled a list of links to useful resources that may help shed some light on additional Fast Track benefits.

Animal Mass

Animal mass on earth, showing the impact of livestock.

Drought Map

Link to drought map of the US.

Alfalfa Production

Alfalfa production in the Western US.

“Deforestation causes drastic loss of tropical forest biodiversity, and most deforestation occurs due to animal agriculture. The remaining areas of undisturbed and recovering forests provide the last refuge for many species unable to withstand the impact of human activity.”

“As one of the most comprehensive surveys of the impacts of disturbance on tropical forest biodiversity ever conducted, an international team of scientists found where forests had been cleared for animal agriculture, plant and animal life was impoverished and remaining species invariably consisted of the same subset of the original flora and fauna. There is irrefutable evidence that biodiversity is declining across the tropics due to animal agriculture.”


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