Drought Affects Countries Across The Planet Healing the Earth developed a system to help the cause. HTE systems were designed from the start to serve in rural and somewhat primitive settings. Learn More Animal Agriculture Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Deforestation
Healing the Earth plans to make livestock production more sustainable.
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About Healing the Earth

The HTE (Healing the Earth) concept is directly targeted to address major current environmental concerns. Healing the Earth systems can be operated in almost every inhabited area of the planet. Water shortages throughout the U.S., especially in the West, are resulting in decreased tillage and reduced beef and dairy herds. Devastating food shortages are reported around the globe. HTE technology will have profound positive impact on how food is produced, the cost of food production, and the environmental impact of traditional growing methods.

Let's work together to make a difference!

The Future Of Food™

The Future of Food™ identifies this revolutionary growing system as an integral element of the radical technology required to address the reality that Earth’s population will not be able to feed itself by 2030 (UN Food and Agriculture Organization Report).

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Growing System

Discover the Benefits

Low Tech, With a Little High Tech

HTE systems were designed from the start to serve in rural and somewhat primitive settings, and without special talent.  The system itself is durable and devoid of moving parts (only rollers under the line).  Lights and sprinklers are easily maintained.  All sections are uniform and require a minimal stock of replacement parts. 

It needs electricity and water.  It needs a climate-controlled building, sufficient to keep temperatures in a band of 55-85F (13-30C).  The building should have at least a slight positive pressure to limit incoming contaminants.  It should have sufficient internet access to allow remote diagnosis.  

The high-tech stuff happens offsite: the software, the seeds, and the nutrient we’ve developed. 

Predictable Output

Output can be dialed up or down simply by regulating the seeding stage 10 days in advance.  Cost is also predictable, with the only significant variable being the cost of seed.

Minimal Water Use

Plants get the minimum optimal water needed for growth, with nearly zero runoff.  Evaporation is limited by the enclosed tunnel - no need to humidify the building.

Gone Missing

Aside from minimal water use, our system can help with the following factors, in most cases, excluding these entirely. 

Healing The Earth Farms

Discover Real Organic Flavors

Healing the Earth Farms produces microgreens utilizing its patented growing technology which uses 97% less water, and no soil or chemical fertilizers. The microgreens are harvested with their roots intact which improves shelf life while maintaining taste and nutrition values.

With the expertise and help of Chef Alex Ortiz, our products are destined to be customer favorites.


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