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Chef Alex Ortiz

Chef Alex (Alex Ortiz) is well known for his culinary skills, flavors knowledge, passion for food preparation, and the desire to prepare food that surpasses his guests’ expectations. He has been a leader in developing special recipes for organic vegetables particularly for Mexican, Italian, and Oriental flavors.

Alex knew at a very young age that cooking would be his chosen career and began working in restaurants, food catering companies, and food preparation for special events while still in high school. As he developed his skills, he was hired by various organizations across the US, to bring his special food expertise to a variety of major events including cooking for the players and sponsors of the US Open in Queens NYC, the world-renowned Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California, and was requested to prepare a special meal for the president of Mexico. Chef Alex has also consulted and developed the menus at numerous restaurants throughout the Southwest.

Currently, Chef Alex is the Urban-farm Director of Healing the Earth Farms, working with its revolutionary organic growing system to develop unique, highly nutritious, great-tasting fresh vegetable dishes that “even a teenager would love!”. He states “I can now take my passion and food creativity to a new level by creating my own special blends of micro-greens and other vegetable dishes to be shared with another generation of healthy consumers. You are what you eat!”

Our take on urban farming

Healing The Earth Farms

The farm will utilize its patented growing technology to demonstrate its effectiveness in growing 100% organic food with 97% less water, using no soil or chemical fertilizers, while accelerating growing time by as much as 300%. The farm will begin growing three varieties of micro-greens, a Kalefetti, Radish, and a Spicy Micro mix. The “living” micro-greens are harvested with their roots intact which improves shelf life while maintaining taste and nutritional values.

The farm will harvest food every day and will deliver its products to up-scale grocery chains. Also, in an effort to address world hunger, a portion of monthly revenues will be divided between two non-profits that provide direct help to people in Nigeria and South Sudan.


Our product contains a mixed blend of organically grown kale. 

Great for salads, side dishes, and smoothies. 

Check out our recipe page to learn more.

Confetti Radish

Offers a delicious assortment of fresh radishes. 

Enjoy with salads, tacos, sandwiches, you name it! 

Check out our recipe page to learn more.

Spicy Micro

Our mustard fill mixture is hard to beat.  

Eat it cooked or raw. In a salad, as a side dish, you decide. Goes well with roasts and pasta.

Check out our recipe page to learn more.


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