Fast Track Farming

Grow Produce in a fraction of the time

Fast Track Farming™

Our growing system has the capacity to produce a wide range of vegetables, fruits, fodder or flowers in a fraction of the time required in conventional cultivation.

Healing The Earth's Fast Track Farming system is a revolutionary mechanized growing system that is applicable to food for human consumption as well as livestock feeding. Utilizing a climate-controlled, computer-programmed production line, this system provides a wide variety of plants with the optimal growth cycle, irrigation, organic-based fertilization and light exposure. Our system is designed to provide Food on Demand, providing precisely the amount of food required per day or week, eliminating virtually all food waste. Compared to traditional cultivation methods, the Fast Track Farming system reduces water use by approximately 90% while increasing food production by approximately 300%.

Benefits Of Fast Track Farming™

Mitigates rising hay and feed prices Eliminates effects of weather, climate and pests Fodder is a more natural feed, similar to pasture Better digestibility for animals Increases feed utilization, less manure waste Healthier and more productive animals Animals demonstrate higher disease resistance Can be 100% Organic and Kosher certified Fodder system uses 90% less water than soil/field produced feeds Year round fresh feed, not silage.

Animal Benefits

Fast Track Farming™

Fast Track Farming™ CEP fodder growing system provides high quality feed for production of a wide range of healthy animals.


  • Faster Weaning
  • Higher feed utilization and produces Less Manure
  • Increased Milk Production Lifespan
  • Higher Milk Butterfat content
  • Improved fertility
  • Better Texture of Meat
  • Better Behavior & Temperament equal to pasture feed animals


  • Quicker recovery after work out
  • Improved coat gloss
  • Same calming effect as pasturee
  • Better digestibility for animals
  • Increased fertility and can stay in stud longer
  • Increased feed utilization


  • Higher food utilization and less manure
  • Better meat texture
  • Larger litters and less mortality
  • Reduction in odor and flies


  • Improved egg quality and shell thickness
  • High feed utilization
  • Less messy manure droppings
  • Reduction in chick mortality
  • Quicker meat development and less fat production
  • Egg yolks have better color
  • Reduction in antibiotic use

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