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Livestock and Benefits

Fast Track Farming - Animals

The primary goal of Healing the Earth is to make livestock production more sustainable. Our Fast Track growing systems can replace field agriculture, at lower cost, using far less resources, while producing a better diet.

Our target customers are dairies; large scale beef, pork and poultry operations; and zoos.
Animal Benefits
Fast Track Farming™ CEP fodder growing system provides high quality feed for production of a wide range of healthy animals.


  • Faster Weaning
  • Higher feed utilization and produces Less Manure
  • Increased Milk Production Lifespan
  • Higher Milk Butterfat content
  • Improved fertility
  • Better Texture of Meat
  • Better Behavior & Temperament equal to pasture feed animals


  • Improved egg quality and shell thickness
  • High feed utilization
  • Less messy manure droppings
  • Reduction in chick mortality
  • Quicker meat development and less fat production
  • Egg yolks have better color
  • Reduction in antibiotic use


  • Quicker recovery after work out
  • Improved coat gloss
  • Same calming effect as pasturee
  • Better digestibility for animals
  • Increased fertility and can stay in stud longer
  • Increased feed utilization


  • Higher food utilization and less manure
  • Better meat texture
  • Larger litters and less mortality
  • Reduction in odor and flies

Zoo Critters

The same benefits can apply to zoo residents that eat things like barley shoots. Animals such as:

  • Elephants
  • Hippos
  • Zebras
  • Giraffes
  • And many more!
Watch Grass Grow!
When our prototype line in Congress, AZ, was dismantled for its move to Phoenix, we had to discard the growth in progress. As we emptied trays of barley for the benefit of local free range cattle, we took pictures that illustrate the day by day progress that happens on the line. Grow lights stymie photography on the line, so this was a rare opportunity to capture this in daylight.
Harvest By Rolling It
Harvesting at nine days. Note that the root system has woven an edible mat that creates a carpet-like product that can easily be rolled and handled.
Working With Local Zoos
We look forward to establishing relationships with local zoos to help with feeding needs. Contact us to learn more!

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