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We work scientifically to do what's is best for the environment.

Welcome to Healing the Earth

The HTE concept is directly targeted to address major current environmental concerns. Healing the Earth systems can be operated in almost every inhabited area of the planet. Water shortages throughout the U.S., especially in the West, are resulting in decreased tillage and reduced beef and dairy herds. Devastating food shortages are reported around the globe. HTE technology will have profound positive impact on how food is produced, the cost of food production, and the environmental impact of traditional growing methods.

More yet to come..

HTE Milestones

As the company continues to expand and move forward, our milestones will continue to stack up.

1 2004-2014

2004-2014: the leadership team at Healing the Earth (HTE) has investigated “fast growth” and “hydroponic” growing models before unveiling its revolutionary growing system in 2014.

2 2017

2017:  HTE completed its first farm proprietary prototype to feed beef cattle at a facility in Congress, Arizona. This proof-of-concept growing system began feeding cattle in December 2017.

3 2018

2018 HTE will complete several patent applications (in process) for the growing system, plant nutrition products and the controlling computer software. HTE has filed trademark applications for Fast Track Farming™ – Food at Point of Consumption™ and – Food on Demand™.


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