The Future Of Food™ For the people of Planet Earth and the livestock we raise.
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Fast Track Farming™ The capacity to produce in a fraction of the time with less resources.
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For the Future of our planet

Our Mission

The HTE (Healing the Earth) concept is directly targeted to address major current environmental concerns. Healing the Earth systems can be operated in almost every inhabited area of the planet. Water shortages throughout the U.S., especially in the West, are resulting in decreased tillage and reduced beef and dairy herds. Devastating food shortages are reported around the globe. HTE technology will have profound positive impact on how food is produced, the cost of food production, and the environmental impact of traditional growing methods.

The Future Of Food™

The Future of Food™ identifies this revolutionary growing system as an integral element of the radical technology required to address the reality that Earth’s population and its challenges. 

Key Points

  • Grows food 3 times faster
  • Uses 97% less water
  • Always safe organic food
  • No need for synthetic fertilizers
  • No contaminants
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System Benefits

Years of research have determined that our system eliminates the effect of the following factors:




Polluting Fertilizer

Wasteful Irrigation

Costly Harvesting

A New Way To Invest For The Future

Fast Track Farming™

Healing The Earth, Inc. is developing a revolutionary Fast Track Farming™ growing system capable of growing vast amounts of fresh organic based food while reducing water consumption by more than 90% and increasing yields by up to 300%.


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